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Dropper Stopper Images

DS_Aqua-Mosaic DS_blue DS_Boy-Guitar DS_Cocoa-Paisley-around-cup DS_diddly-dot DS_Patty_paisley_1 DS_Pink-and-Brown-Dot DS_Purple-Blossom-Snack-trap DS_Purple-Boho-Blossom DS_Sky-Dot DS_Sweet-Treats

Binki Band Images

BB_aqua_Mosaic_1 BB_Brown Round About BB_Cocoa Paisley BB_diddly_dot_1 BB_Groovy-Guitars BB_Patty-paisley BB_Purple-Boho-Blossom BB_Sky-Dot

Tushy Tote Images

Purple-Boho Purple-Boho-2 Purple-Boho-3 Sky-Dot-tushy-tote-copy TT_aqua_Mosaic Sweet-Treats-Tote TT_Boy-Guitars TT_Cocoa-Paisley-closeup TT_diddly_dot TT_Patty-Paisley-2 TT_Pink and Brown

Lifestyle Images

Braden dropper-stopper-in-use-Copy Rhett-BD-ds Rhett-with-LH-ds-Copy Tim-with-Brown-Round tushy-tote

Digital Color Swatches

Aqua-Mosaic Blue-Dots Brown-Round-About-only-in-bb cocoa-paisley-spree diddly-dot Groovy-Guitar Pink-and-Brown-Dot purple-boho-blossom Sky-Lolli-Dot sweet-treat


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Product Information and Descriptions

Dropper Stopper

Features and Benefits

  • The Dropper Stopper attaches to all types of sippy cups, bottles and toys!
  • Keeps cups and toys clean and close!
  • No more dirt and germs
  • Grips for tight hold
  • Adjusts in length
  • Attaches to strollers, highchairs and more!
  • Safety tested

Binki Band

Features and Benefits

This universal pacifier clip attaches to any size pacifier! This goes great with the matching dropper stopper!

  • Keeps pacifiers clean and close
  • Universal pacifier clip that attaches to all types of binkis
  • Color coordinating clip secures tightly and does not damage clothes
  • Machine washable fabrics in matching dropper stopper and Tushy Tote prints.

Tushy Tote

Features and Benefits

This trendy diaper and wipe case contains a large inside pocket, wipe-able lining and snap-able wristlet! The clutch design creates a nice wide opening so it’s easy to see what’s inside and grab what you need in a hurry. If you want just a few diapers it can remain nice and flat or you can pack all your essentials and the bottom of the tote will expand to 2 inches.

See why moms are raving about the Tushy Tote, not only a welcome break from heavy diaper bags but perfect for all the essentials moms needs on the go!

Measures 8″x 4 x (expands to) 2″